Work smarter, faster and greener!

Even in smaller organisations it can be difficult for people to work effectively together and to record relevant information in a timely manner. For larger organisations this can be a major headache. When you have more clients, more staff, more offices, external activities, projects, carers, volunteers, service commissioners and people working from home it is very difficult to keep everything under control.

How do you manage all the data, clients, contacts and activities that you provide and report their outcomes to your managers and service commissioners in a smarter, faster and greener way?

Charitylog is the modern solution adopted by around 600 charities to solve this longstanding dilemma. Charitylog is a fully web-based system which provides a single, unified solution in a high security environment. Better more up-to-date data means quicker decisions, fewer delays, fewer meetings, fewer mistakes, less travelling and a reduced carbon footprint.

Charitylog covers client / carer histories, outcomes, assessments, classification coding, invoicing and a lot more. However, one of the most important aspects is that it allows up to the minute reporting to your funders and service commissioners. As well as analysing and producing a full range of statistics showing uptake, client demographics and so on Charitylog also enables you to record Client Outcomes in addition to the normal day to day activity.

By combining all your data in a state of the art, high security datacentre staff and volunteers are able to access the data they need 24/7 from anywhere via the internet. This improves security and streamlines service delivery which in turn brings efficiency, cost savings and a lower carbon footprint.