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In 2013, after successfully securing five contracts with Gloucestershire County Council and NHS Gloucestershire CCG, Carers Gloucestershire (CG) realised they urgently needed a specialist CRM capable of meeting their rapidly expanding workload. CG selected Charitylog. The new system is now enabling CG to provide a better service to carers and improved management report for commissioners.

Carers Gloucestershire

Founded in 1992, Carers Gloucestershire (CG) is an independent charitable organisation that seeks to improve the lives of carers in Gloucestershire. The charity provides information, advice, and support to carers. CG services include a telephone support line, regular carer forums, support groups and a Positive Caring Programme offering free weekly support sessions at local venues across Gloucestershire.


CG's original case management system consisted of an unsatisfactory combination of a paper based records together with an Access-based database which had to be maintained on CG's own server. Before CG were awarded the GCC contracts they were already painfully aware of the limitations of their existing information system and were resolved to procuring a specialist system if they were successful in their contract bids. After evaluating the various systems on the market and taking advice from other Charitable organisations, GG selected Charitylog as their preferred CRM for managing their caseload.

The Charitylog solution

Charitylog have completely transformed CG's case management system, providing a secure cloud-basd CRM that consolidates all of CG's case notes, client contact records and staff schedules into a single integrated database. The fragmented paper-based filing system has gone and all client (carer) contacts - including the telephone support line contacts - are now recorded against the clients' confidential records on the CRM. The new system has proven more than adequate for meeting the requirements of the new contracts and the Charitylog CRM can be easily scaled up to cope with additional users if required.

As most of CG's operational data is now stored in Charitylog, the integrated reporting system has become an essential tool. The CG team are now regularly using the Charitylog reports suite both for their internal management reports and for their mandated reports to Gloucestershire County Council.

Working with Charitylog - CG's comments


"Charitylog has utterly transformed our modus operandi. The Charitylog CRM is now at the centre of our operations. We use Charitylog to capture any phone call, face to face meeting or appointment with carers. Now we just pop in the carers surname and immediately we can see the client's history, which member of staff has spoken to the carer recently and what was discussed. It's become a critical tool for our locality teams and our staff use the Charitylog action lists every day.

"We're also using Charitylog to produce key data for our quarterly reports to commissioners. Previously it was very difficult to get data out from our old database and so this has been a huge area of improvement."

Emily Henderson (Business Manager)


"There's no doubt that Charitylog has transformed our operational efficiency and enabled us to meet the greater demands now placed on our organisation. All our staff are now committed to the system and without it our staff simply wouldn't be able to cope.

"Charitylog gives us the capability to manage community staff, manage caseloads and keep a tab on what's going on with each of the individual carers. This is why we procured Charitylog, we wanted something more than a warehouse of information. We needed a system with flexible reporting where one can pull off required information easily and quickly."

Tim Poole (Chief Executive)


"Charitylog has transformed our case management. Within a week of using Charitylog we were saying 'this is fantastic', anyone working here can now pick up the phone and give an informed answer to a question about what's happening."

Jane Stanfield (Carer Service Manager)

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