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In 2008 carers' support charity Harrow Carers decided to invest in a digital case management system capable of managing the increasingly demanding requirements that they were then facing. Ten years later, after establishing a successful regulated homecare service, the Harrow-based organisation realised that they needed a mobile care monitoring solution to help manage their community-based care workers. In both instances they turned to Charitylog for the solution. As a result, Harrow Carers are now operating with vastly more efficient processes, and are able to offer greater safeguarding and improved service provision to their clients.

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Harrow Carers, established in 1996, is an independent charity and voluntary organisation that supports unpaid carers in the Harrow area. Harrow Carers offers six distinct services: Adult services (wellbeing and activities), Information and advice, Young carers, Working for Carers, Homeshare, and a regulated homecare service.

Call-round for Mobile Care Monitoring

The ability to monitor care delivery, check that care-workers have turned up on time as planned - and left safely - is now becoming an essential requirement for providers of regulated homecare services. Charitylog provides Harrow Carers with verified evidence that timely care has been delivered, and this can always be shown to customers, commissioners and the regulators if requested.

The mobile app has brought about significant care management benefits for both Harrow Carers' clients and their care-workers, whilst also proving invaluable in enabling them to meet the quality safeguarding requirements of the CQC.

"Call-round gives care staff a direct link with the office, and means they haven't got to carry loads of paperwork with them, as they have all the necessary information about their scheduled visits available via their mobile phone", says Coordinator Christine Stanley.

Reporting & KPIs

Harrow Carers uses Charitylog reports for weekly, monthly and annual reporting. KPI reports give them the performance information for the various services that they run. This includes the number of new carers registered over a time period, broken down by demographics, condition of person being cared for etc. And the number of people using other various services, be it Indian fusion dancing or Pilates classes. The KPI for Harrow Council is the number of carers supported by Harrow Carers. For the Harrow CCG it's the number of IAPT referrals they complete.


Charitylog also provides Harrow Carers with homecare reports showing the accurate data needed for billing and payment of staff. Relevant data is linked with third party invoicing software (Transaction Pro), which seamlessly extracts data out of Charitylog and puts it into QuickBooks without the need for additional inputting.

Working with the Charitylog CRM, Mobile Solution and Roster


"A specialist cloud-based CRM is essential for an organisation like ourselves and Charitylog is now the digital hub behind all our services. Client histories are linked against all relevant services in a single, secure client-centred database."

Mike Coker (CEO)


"The Call-round care monitoring service is now a vital part of our homecare operations. As we are regulated by the CQC, it's essential that we have a comprehensive record system that monitors our care delivery and safeguards clients."

Charmian Boyd (CEO Elect)


"An automated care rostering application is an invaluable aid to efficient scheduling of care workers. Care Roster seamlessly links with the Charitylog database, enabling search & matching for the appropriate care worker for each client."

Christine Stanley (Homecare Coordinator)

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