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The current webinar schedule has come to an end. More webinars are planned in the future.

We had a very good attendance at the previous webinars and the feedback has been very positive. Here are some extracts:

“Webinars great training tool, many thanks”
“Brilliant webinars, I’ll be coming to every one”
“Thanks very much, very useful. Look forward to the next.”
“Thanks that was great and very informative.”
“Thanks well done, fantastic idea.”

Don't worry if you missed any of them, they have all been recorded and will be uploaded to the HELP section in your database.

We are working on the schedule for the next series of webinars and would welcome your suggestions for topics to include. Please email suggestions to jprice@charitylog.co.uk.


Recorded webinars are available to view in the Help section of your database.