Our Customers

Charitylog is used by around 600 charities and NFP organisations throughout the Third Sector. Amongst our customers are: Age UK, Age Concern, Age Cymru federation members as well as Citizens Advice (CAB) Partnerships, Mind, Crossroads Care, Healthwatch, Mencap, SENDIASS services, The Silver Line, Voluntary Action groups and many other charities, housing associations and Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations.

We also cater for those charities who support carers, where the reporting requirements can be a mixture of the characteristics of the carer and also of the cared for. The common theme with all our customers is that they all deliver services in the community and have to account on the outcomes of their interventions to their funders and service commissioners. For housing associations and Care and Repair type organisations there are additional options to deal with the requirements of managing major funded repair work, as well as the usual handyperson facilities.

What our customers are saying...

We have only been users for about 3 months but in that time it has proven to be an invaluable tool. This is particularly so when collating data for funders.
The switch to an electronic record system was a bit of a culture shock for our advocacy team but the system was easy to learn and each of us in the team would recommend it to others. We have appreciated the flexibility to quickly adapt the system to our particular needs and the staff members at Charitylog have always been friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
David is completing his final training session this afternoon and I just wanted to feedback how pleased all staff were with the standard of training delivered.
David has been very patient and moved at the speed necessary for individual people and provided comprehensive feedback on how to progress with integrating Charitylog into our working life.
From an organisational point of view it has centralised our record keeping meaning that we have been able to get rid of lots of stand-alone databases and spread sheets. This has meant that we have much more 'joined up' working.
I have found your team to be very pleasant, helpful and patient at all times, even when I have asked the most stupid questions!
The trainer was very patient and showed us just the right amount of information to get us up and running without overloading us with information which is useful to me now that I have some experience under my belt.
The training was brilliant, just what I needed, have been able to pull off reports and pivot them like superman, with the help of your helpline!
We are delighted with Charitylog. The implementation went well; very happy with David's training.
We are very happy with the implementation. David\'s training was very good and Emily and Fiona have been very helpful.
I just wanted to feedback how especially helpful Nigel is every time I phone up he is pleasant, patient and helpful.