Collaboration & Partnership

Most organisations will pass referrals to and from other organisations within their area, who provide services that they themselves do not. Local councils, who are funding many services in their communities also have a need to send and receive data from their service providers on a regular basis.

To serve this important need, we have developed an automatic, integrated, secure process to achieve this for Charitylog users. It is possible to refer a client directly from your Charitylog system to another organisation using Charitylog. The second organisation receives notification of an incoming referral and is able to either match the client to one already in their database, or add the new client, then import the referral.

Since this is done directly on our secure server, the data never goes into the outside world. A much more secure system than a fax / email which can be viewed by anyone in the office!

When the receiving organisation has contacted the client, the outcome information may be passed back to the sending database, and this then appears in the client’s history, thus 'closing the loop'.

It is important to note that this is achieved by sending data between databases, not by allowing the second organisation access to the sender’s database.

The process has now been adopted by Age UK Islington who have introduced some of their collaborating partners to Charitylog. Some of these partners run the 'starter' version of Charitylog, others may expand the system to use more of the functionality available in the 'full' system.

We can also embed a 'contact us' type page into your website, allowing people to refer themselves to your organisation directly from your website. The page looks the same as the rest of your website and has no Charitylog branding. However, it does use the Charitylog secure data transfer process, ensuring security for your clients.