Charitylog is very affordable and pricing is straightforward. The core Charitylog program is priced in 'bands' dependant on your organisation's income as published in your latest annual report to the Charity Commission. This provides access for up to 50 concurrent users and allows you to run an unlimited number of projects. So there is no need to worry about calculating how many user licences you need or number of projects etc. You can add or remove projects as and when you need them and all under your local control.

There are no long term contracts to sign or hidden charges to uncover. You pay an initial fee for the Charitylog licence which also includes a number of days of on-site implementation / training (usually between 3 and 5 days); the first 12 months hosting; email and telephone support as well as regular program updates and enhancements.

In second and subsequent years there is an annual support and hosting fee to pay. This is fixed for the first 3 years and guarantees that you will continue to receive our support and will always be using the latest version of Charitylog available. We release program updates/enhancements several times per year and these are free of charge to all users.

The 'core' Charitylog program has a wide range of functionality so you can tailor it to your exact needs. However, there are extra modules for specific functions which may be purchased separately, such as:

  • Self-referral portal embedded in your website
  • Linking branches / multiple sites together
  • Assigning support workers and handypersons to tasks
  • Managing major repairs and funded jobs (HIA / Care and Repair)
  • Producing and exporting invoices for chargeable services to an accounts package

Please ask for details.