Charitylog Local: The CRM for Smaller Charities

Charitylog Local is a light version of the Charitylog CRM designed for smaller charities who may not have the budget or the need for the full version of the Charitylog CRM but who nevertheless have a clear requirement for some of the key capabilities provided by Charitylog. The service is packaged and priced accordingly.

Essentially the Charitylog Local service is a stripped down, simplified version of Charitylog with a number of restrictions in order to significantly reduce the price point. As with the full CRM, Charitylog is a cloud-based relational database that stores client case notes, records contacts against client records, and links to calendar-based action points. Data relating to projects and clients is securely stored in one place and made available online to authorised users at any time and at any place.

In addition Charitylog Local satisfies two important needs that are fast becoming essential requirements for smaller third sector organisations:

First, Charitylog Local enables you to meet GDPR regulations concerning the handling of personal data.

Secondly, Charitylog Local includes a secure referral portal and so gives users the ability to securely receive referrals from CCG-funded CICs and other larger charities in their area. This is now becoming a crucial consideration for charities that wish to participate in local third sector partnerships where lead organisations have a need to securely pass on referrals and other work to satellite charities within a local hub. As an expanding number of CCGs and care commissioners are adopting the Social Prescribing model in order to realise efficiencies, these local hubs are becoming increasingly important in relation to community provision.

The Charitylog Local service is provided as a managed service for a monthly fee, with the precise cost dependant on the number of projects and other variables. To keep the costs down, the core service is provided without an implementation and support service. Time-based support packages can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis if necessary.

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Key components Standard quantity
Number of projects 1
Number of clients Unlimited
Number of licensed users Unlimited (up to 10 concurrent users)
Inbound referral portal Included
Total price per month £33 + VAT
Optional components Monthly price
Volunteers £5
Members £5
Carers £5
Additional project £10
Ladder outcomes £10
1 unit
(up to 10 mins)
2 units
(up to 20 mins)
3 units
(up to 30 mins)
£15 £30 £45

All prices exclude VAT

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