Contact Management for Charity

Charitylog's CRM is a powerful cloud-based client relationship management system that lies at the heart of the Charitylog suite of services. The service is ideally suited to the needs of charities and other not-for-profit organisations who need to keep a secure, digital, dynamic record of their contacts with clients. The Charitylog CRM solution promotes GDPR compliance for holding personal data and has proven to be an invaluable case management system for hundreds of third sector organisations throughout the UK.

As a fully relational database the system links and integrates all related files, enabling all activities, action points, and notes relating to a an individual client to be quickly and easily viewed. The service is also highly flexible and can be configured and extended as required in order to meet the specific needs of individual organisations. Data relating to projects and cases is securely stored in one place and made available online to authorised users at any time and at any place. All data is housed in a secure data centre.

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