On Tuesday 28th November our phone lines will be closed between 2 and 4pm while we do some training and housekeeping.  Please use support@dizions.co.uk for emergencies in this time period.

Working with

AWS logo

Amazon Web Services

AWS are trusted partners and provide a range of secure cloud services central to our product. 

Click here to download AWS ISO 27001:2013 Certificate

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Call Handling

Provide cloud-based virtual call centres for organisations that need to manage inbound calls without incurring the costs of a staffed call centre (e.g., NHS and third sector helpline services). Dizions are currently working on an interface that will enable details of incoming calls and outbound responses to be recorded against client records on the Charitylog Case Management system.

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Radius Connect Solutions

Provide the hardware and communication services for those customers who have chosen the "one-stop" packaged solution for the Charitylog Call-round service. Customers selecting this option get a single bill from Radius Connect encompassing all voice, data and hardware charges.

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Allow us and our clients to tap into Royal Mail's database to look up UK addresses by postcode, streamlining the recording of client records and improving data quality.

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Are the cloud company entrusted to securely host Charitylog's cloud-based services. The company is acknowledged as a leading global supplier of data hosting. Given the critical importance of this service, we regard Rackspace as a key partner who are integral to our service offering.

Click here to download Rackspace ISO 27001:2013 Certificates

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Helps improve our clients' service offering by providing an additional communication stream for reaching out to the people in their database.

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Triangle Consulting

Are the social enterprise behind the Outcomes Star™, an evidence based tool for measuring and supporting the progress of clients towards self-reliance or other goals. Outcome Stars™ can be integrated into the Charitylog system.