Cloud-Based Case Management for the Third Sector

Charitylog helps charities and other not-for-profit organisations to improve service levels and secure greater funding. Our solutions enable improved contact management, more effective staff deployment and better communication. Integrated reports and specialist impact measuring tools help to demonstrate to funders and commissioners the positive impact that our customers have made within the local community.

Case Management

Easy to use CRM designed for the third sector. Transforms your case management capability.

Reports & Outcomes

CRM data can be mined and exported to an integrated reports suite. Produces vital outcome reports.

Data Security

All data stored on fully redundant systems at secure data houses.

Local Impacts

Specialist applications that enable you to convey your Local Impact ratios to your commissioners.

Visit Scheduling

Schedule visits of care workers and other community support workers. Integrates with CRM and monitoring.

Attendance Monitoring

Check that your community-based provision has actually been delivered, on time, with client wellbeing reports.