*** Attention all Charitylog users: the June release is on your test systems now! Watch a webinar on the updates page ***

A powerful timesaving tool for charities

Charitylog is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

It helps you keep all your important information in one place - service user details, interactions, communications, workflows, outcomes - and run reports on it quickly and easily.

Charitylog is fully independent, UK-based, owned and run.
It’s all we do.

What do people love about Charitylog?

Around 1000 charities across the UK use Charitylog so far.

From conversations, reviews and feedback we know there are certain things people especially love about Charitylog.

  • We take a personal approach. We’ll get to know you and your organisation and we’re always there to help. Meet the team here!

  • We can keep costs down because we’re a smallish company and we directly employ all our staff. Just pay for the features you need. See our plans and pricing.

  • You have control over your Charitylog system. We'll help you set it up, and you'll have enough control to make changes later.

  • Switching from another product? Our migration process is swift and supportive.

  • We know charities. Many of us have a background of working or volunteering for charities and we all have a personal commitment to the nonprofit sector.

  • We don’t believe in anonymous call centres! We have a friendly team of UK-based support staff.

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