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Data migration

Migrating your data

Regardless of whether you're already using another CRM database or making do with spreadsheets and Word documents, we can help you transfer everything safely across into Charitylog. 

This is called data migration. There are a few different options, depending on how your information is stored now, and what sort of information it is.

Basic data migration

When you've completed initial set-up with our Charitylog team, deciding things like which fields you want, what will be in your drop-down lists etc, Charitylog can export an empty spreadsheet with the column headings you've chosen.

Once you populate this we can then import your data.

No matter how many records are in it, we charge the same fixed fee of £150 (plus VAT).

Migrating other types of data

We also have different processes to transfer other kinds of data, such as referrals, project details and bespoke tables. Depending on what you need to transfer, this can cost up to £500 (plus VAT).

Bespoke migration

If you have some issues with your data and you need help retrieving it or getting it ready for transfer, we can work with you to do this. Because it tends to take a little longer there's a daily cost of £750 (plus VAT) for bespoke migration.

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Other Features

Training courses

We run short online courses on a series of topics, for both the new user and the more advanced.