*** Attention all Charitylog users: the June release is on your test systems now! Watch a webinar on the updates page ***

Time-consuming updates that bring everything to a grinding halt are just not an option for busy charities.

The voluntary and independent sector is constantly changing.

From the new data use rules ushered in by the Data Protection Act 2018 to the massive social upheaval brought by COVID-19, we know that world events have a real and lasting impact on how charities work.

That's why a big part of the Charitylog mission is to ensure our CRM software is up to date and changes with your organisation.

Charitylog updates: fast and smooth, with no downtime.

Do you groan when you read the words ‘software’ and ‘update’ in the same sentence? Maybe you’re thinking of all those frustrating hours you’ll never get back, watching the spinning wheel of a Windows update, or waiting for the lengthy restart of your iPhone after installing a new version of IOS.

At Charitylog, we understand that it’s vital you have easy and uninterrupted access to your information. Time-consuming updates that bring everything to a grinding halt are not an option. We make sure Charitylog can update smoothly with no downtime – so you can enjoy the benefit of the update without a major impact on your service delivery.

How do Charitylog updates work?

There are 3 scheduled updates a year, in February, June, and October.

  • You’ll be able to try out the update on a test version of Charitylog first, so you can preview the new features.

  • Your Charitylog administrator can decide which date they’d like to apply the update and set this themselves, in the system.

  • Charitylog will then instantly update on that day, as soon as the first person logs in.

Before each update, we publish a comprehensive webinar which explains the new features and improvements, so all users can familiarise themselves with them. Our UK-based support team are also on hand to answer any questions if needed.

Your feedback = our updates.

We keep our ears to the ground to make sure we’re on top of technological, social, political or legislative changes that may affect the way our customers work. And we’re in constant conversation with Charitylog users, whether it’s through interactions with new customers getting set up on the system, or existing users chatting with our support team.

We’re always listening, taking notes and feeding back what we learn to our in-house developers, who make the magic happen.

February update on the way!

Keep an eye on our website and social media platforms for information about our upcoming February update, with some new controls, options, reporting facilities and a few new goodies on the dashboard.

Meanwhile, we’d like to offer our thanks and best wishes to all our users who will be working hard to support people over the festive season.

Blog by Henrietta Burrowes, Charitylog Customer Support Manager

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