An interview with Laura Price, Head of Training & Programmes
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Launched in 2019, Power the Fight is an award-winning charity which tackles violence affecting young people. They create long-term solutions for sustainable change and act as a link between the community (young people, parents/carers, frontline professionals) and policy makers.

What size is the organisation and where is it based?

We have 17 employees and are based in South East London.

When did your organisation start using Charitylog?

We started in September 2022.

Was it easy to get started with Charitylog?

The implementation and migration was very smooth. I've been part two other database migrations (not Charitylog) at other organisations and I was dreading being responsible for this piece of work if I’m honest! But the training we received from Tracey and the support she offered was extremely clear, flexible and helped the whole team to start using Charitylog quickly.

What do you mainly use Charitylog for?

We use Charitylog mainly for recording our work with young people – one-to-one sessions and group workshops that include parents/carers and school staff.

We've recently started using it to record all the external training we deliver so we can keep track of the organisations we have trained, numbers we've reached and the feedback we've received.

How is it going so far?

Overall it is very user friendly and new staff are trained up quickly and easily. It is the most adaptable database I have ever used in a charity setting, which is useful in a small but expanding organisation where our projects and processes are often evolving.

Would you recommend Charitylog?

Absolutely! The ongoing user support, adaptability of the system and ease of use for our team is invaluable and has made the process of recording and understanding our impact so much simpler and more effective.

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