Charitylog Starter: The CRM for Smaller Charities

Charitylog Starter is a 'cut down' version of the CRM Features designed for smaller charities who may not have the budget or the need for bigger systems but who nevertheless have a clear requirement for some of the key capabilities provided by Charitylog.

As with Charitylog One and Plus, Charitylog Starter is a cloud-based database that stores client case notes, records contacts against client records, and links to calendar-based action points. Data relating to projects, clients, volunteers and staff are securely stored in one place and made available online to authorised users at any time and at any place.

Importantly, it has the comprehensive Key Performance Indicator reporting capabilities of the higher plans. It also includes the ability to add a set of additional data fields if your charity works in an area where you need to record other items of data that are not part of the standard system, for example military service details or extra medical information.

All you need to access Charitylog Starter is a device with an Internet connection and a browser, so it's ideal for remote working and saves the need to send emails to other staff or volunteers to pass information around. No data is stored on your device unless you specifically download it.

It also has all the security features of the Charitylog system – we have ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations as well as the ISO 9001 Quality accreditation. It is securely hosted in data centres in the UK.

Charitylog Starter satisfies many essential requirements for smaller third sector organisations:

  • Keep records of your clients and service users

  • Record your interactions with them using our case management system

  • Make appointments for your staff and volunteers in a calendar

  • Keep volunteer records

  • Add your own data fields if you need to record extra data

  • Produce mail merge letters and emails

  • Upload documents, PDF files, spreadsheets and images

  • Meet GDPR* regulations concerning the handling of personal data

  • Report on Key Performance Indicators for commissioners

  • Export data to Excel


When you sign up to Charitylog Starter, we provide you with 60 days of free telephone support from our helpdesk. You will also get a walkthrough of the system at the beginning to get you started. After 60 days we provide free email support although you can still have telephone support if you choose to purchase the support packages shown.

There are videos to help you learn more about the features as you progress.

Free Trial

When you sign up for Charitylog Starter, you have a one month free trial – if you don't want to continue, let us know and you won't pay anything.

Conversely, if you wish to upgrade to a version of Charitylog with additional functionality, you won't lose any of your data.

Key components

  • One Project.

  • Unlimited Clients.

  • Unlimited Volunteers.

  • Unlimited Referrals and cases.

  • Ulimted User Accounts, up to 5 concurrents users logged in.

  • 250gb document storage.

  • 60 days telephone support, to get started.

  • First 30 days free trial.

  • Introductory walkthrough of the system.


  • Email Support included

  • Telephone support available at £15 plus VAT per ten minute blocks.