Data Migration

Data Migration is that sometimes onerous process that many organisations go through if they want to transfer data from one system to another.

It can save a lot of typing but can be time consuming, hard work and often a little unsatisfactory.

Where there are only a few pieces of data to enter it may be simpler to type the records in manually, which also improves familiarity with the system.

Data MigrationWhere larger volumes of data are involved, we offer two standard options, depending on the level of detail you need. If neither of these is suitable, we can provide bespoke data migration at a daily rate.

We can also migrate documents, PDF files, images etc if you have them stored in your existing system.

Our standard migration options are usually built into the implementation process and, once the initial set up is completed, you can export an empty Excel spreadsheet with the headings that represent the data fields you are using. Simply populate that spreadsheet, send it securely to us and we will upload the data for you irrespective of how many records you wish to import.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the process and costs – we have a useful document which will explain it all.

The Data Import Module

If you need to migrate, bulk-update or cleanse data yourself on a more regular basis, you may also be interested in Charitylog's Data Import Module.

For more information on your Data Migration options, please contact us