Telephone Support

Part of being a Charitylog client is that you have access to our telephone support desk. We have technicians, based in our offices in Ross-on-Wye, who will take calls and provide advice and help. You can also contact them by email if you prefer.

All the calls are logged and follow ups are monitored if needed. We actually use Charitylog as our own ticket system, so all support calls, outstanding queries, development requests and our other activities are recorded there. We feel that if Charitylog is good enough for you, it should be good enough for us as well.

Support technicianThe support technicians have a wide knowledge but should the query need escalating, we also have a Technical department. As the name suggests this department deals with more unusual aspects such as manipulation of data, data migration and complex reporting.

It may be that you can resolve a query without needing to call the support desk. Charitylog has an inbuilt manual which is rigorously maintained. It is also 'page linked' so that it opens on the page you are on in Charitylog, taking you straight to the part you need.

The manual has videos covering many aspects of the use of the system as well.

Unlimited access to the support desk is free of charge for Charitylog One and Charitylog Standard users. Charitylog Local users are provided with 60 days free access and then purchase support as required.

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