Classification codes

Classification codes give counts of activities

There are scenarios where you might provide a service which can be broken down into a range of subsets. This is often the case if you have an information or advice project.

Here you may receive an enquiry and as well as dealing with the issue itself, you need to record the type or types of information covered by the enquiry.

In Charitylog you can create a multi-tiered structure which reflects the different aspects of the project. For example in an information project, you may have main areas of wellbeing, finance, housing and health. Then in each of these areas you might have sub-sections, such as mental or physical health. Then you may go further and subdivide the mental and physical health aspects that need to be recorded.

Using the Classification codes, you can create these structures for a project and then record the various codes on initial referral or as they occur during the provision of service.

There are reports which can be used to give counts of the codes and subcodes over a period of time, as the example below illustrates:-

Reports CCR

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