Standard reports

Suite of easy standard reports

Charitylog provides a number of standard reports, both summary and detailed.

One of the major benefits of Charitylog is the ability to produce data required by funders. Typically this data can change both between contracts and over time, hence why we encourage the use of 'Projects' to differentiate and improve reporting.

There are also the Key Performance Indicators which are basically a huge set of queries which have been written for you - no need to write your own queries for reporting.

Standard reports include:-

  • Summary activity and breakdowns by a variety of criteria such as age bands, ethnic groups etc

  • Action Lists of outstanding actions against staff

  • Clients on Waiting Lists

  • Outcome Reports

  • Volunteer assignments

  • Project time and cost summaries

  • Attendances at Groups.

For more detailed reporting, there is an export procedure which can be used to create Excel spreadsheets, from which further analysis and charting can be done very simply.

Data Extraction Reports

Charitylog will hold details of many clients, volunteers, external organisation and so on. You can use the Data Extraction options to set various criteria and extract all the relevant records along with the items of data you are interested in.

Similarly you can use these options to identify records which have not been fully completed (although there are methods to enforce minimum data entry).

Typically the data is exported into Excel from where further analysis, presentation or mail-merging can take place.

Other Features