Progress interval reporting

Progress interval and workflow reporting

The Progress Interval reporting is a valuable resource within the suite of Charitylog reports. Based on the use of the project workflows and stages, it allows you to look at the progress of people within your projects and services in more detail.

When you use the templates, you might have people on stages such as 'New referral', 'Initial Assessment completed', 'On waiting list', 'Receiving counselling', 'Final outcome'. There are many things you might want to know, such as:-

  • How many people are on the waiting list

  • Who has not yet had an initial assessment

  • How many outcome measurements have been done in the last quarter

  • and so on

The Progress interval report shows you these answers - who is on a stage, who has been on a stage, who is yet to be on a stage.

Importantly, it can also give you either elapsed or working day time intervals between events, for example how long, on average, has it taken to go from new referral to being placed on the waiting list, what is the average waiting list time etc.

These are important statistics reflecting your services and may also form part of your contract, typically those contracts that require a client to be contacted within a certain number of days after referral.

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