KPIs and charts

KPIs and charts

Reporting requirements can be many, varied and are often complex. To take away some of this complexity, Charitylog has built up a large library of queries or Key Performance Indicators.

These are used to assemble the data required to fill in the funders' reporting forms or to look more deeply into aspects of your services..

There are different types of KPI's, most of which can be broken down into a wide range of subcategories, e.g. new referrals by age band, district and ethnic origin, contacts by method, staff member, gender, and many more.

The main groupings are:-

  • Numbers based on new referrals in a period

  • Numbers of contacts

  • Numbers of clients accessing services

  • Clients in projects

  • New client breakdowns

  • Club & Clinic memberships and attendances

  • Specialist sets of KPI's for Handyperson, Rostering or IMCA reporting

The KPI queries can break down into a wide range of criteria, for example, new referrals to a project by age band, ethnic group, gender etc. You just select the KPI's you want by ticking them.

The report itself shows the numbers of each requested item of information. You can then "drill down" into each of these numbers to see which individual clients make up the total.

Once that is done, you can export them to Excel, write letters to them or even plot them on maps.

Exporting to Excel and Templates

Having exported to Excel, you can make use of the simple processes of pivot tables and graphical charting - very impressive in reports to funders and all done in a matter of a few minutes.

An added feature is that you can create your own reporting spreadsheet in Excel and then upload it to Charitylog. Then you can link the results of your KPI report to the spreadheet which allows for easy and quick updating each time the report needs to be presented.

Other Features