Online short courses

Short online training courses

Our short online courses are very varied and cover basic usage as well as more advanced issues such as system administration and even varying degrees of Excel usage, from the basic to some more advanced features.

These are run periodically and do tend to become fully subscribed quite quickly. Details of these are on the website. See our Training.

These courses are aimed at small groups of people. If you prefer to have your own sessions, we can offer online day or half day training and review sessions.

Reviews are particularly useful after the system has been running for a while and perhaps there have been staffing changes. It is an opportunity to look at how effectively the system is being used and see if efficiency gains may be possible. Also it is often a good time to look at reporting.

The short online courses cost £49 plus VAT per person, usually 2 or 2.5 hours in length. 

  • Online training and review half days cost £275 plus VAT.

  • Online training and review full days cost £475 plus VAT.

  • Onsite days training and review days cost £595 plus VAT.

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