Excel and API reporting

Excel and API reports

Within the reporting suite of Charitylog, you can Integrate pre-existing Excel spreadsheets. You can access these spreadsheet templates easily through a wide range of reports.

This allows you to download bespoke reports that automatically calculate formulae and statistics. Enhanced macro enabled reports can be used to create powerful solutions.

Many commissioners provide spreadsheets for the reports they want you to send to them. Using this approach, you can upload this spreadsheet to Charitylog and, using a separate worksheet on the spreadsheet, you can send data from Charitylog to the spreadsheet which then updates the formal reporting spreadsheet.

This gives you repeatable reporting with less hassle.

API reporting

If you want to do even more detailed reporting or data publishing, the Charitylog API is available in read or read/write versions. The API can be used for PowerBI, Excel and many other reporting and analytics tools.  Via the API you can access data to integrate with other systems, including your website. It currently supports:

  • Person and organisation records

  • Referrals and contacts

  • Classification Codes

  • Rostering

  • Bespoke fields

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