Field sets

'Field Sets' control user data visibility

Based on the idea that people should only see what they need to see, one of the 'by-products' of the development work we had to do for GDPR was to create the concept of 'field sets'.

Essentially a field set can be used to list which client fields are needed for a particular project. For example, if you are running a benefits project, you are likely to need to see the NI number. If you are doing Information and Advice, it is likely that you don't need to see it.

By associating the necessary fields with a project and then associating a user with the project(s) they are working in, you can effectively create a list of fields that the individual user can actually see.

This has particular value when volunteers are using the system as it means they can only see what they need to see and not other important data about the client.

Other Features

Unlimited user accounts

Unlike most providers, we don't charge for every user, giving affordable access for both staff and volunteers.