Multiple user groups

Multiple user groups with different access rights

All users in Charitylog have to belong to a 'user group'. You can have multiple user groups and in Plus and Ultimate, these are unlimited in number and under your control. In Starter and Charitylog One, we preset them for you.

The user group controls which pages a user can see, which they can edit or add new records to and, if relevant, whether they are allowed to delete data or not.

Typically there will be a System Administrator group which is allowed to see everything and then other groups with fewer access rights, down to the likes of volunteers and external workers who can have very limited views of the system.

There are other additional security and visibility options with the system, for example restriction by project or by the type of work undertaken. You can also restrict users to see only the clients they are working with - typically a counsellor or case worker.

Other Features

Unlimited user accounts

Unlike most providers, we don't charge for every user, giving affordable access for both staff and volunteers.