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In 2016 Age UK East London started using Charitylog's mobile care management solution (Call-round) in order to help manage their community-based volunteers. The organisation's befriending service is now using Call-round to improve service provision and safeguard visits. A recent CQC inspection report has awarded the charity an "Outstanding" rating and mentions the benefits being realised from using the Call-round service.

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Age UK East London is an independent charity that delivers services to older people across the three London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham. A brand partner of Age UK, the East London charity works in community settings, hospitals and older people's homes, aiming at all times to help older people within the boroughs live dignified independent lives. In 2016 over 6000 clients accessed the charity's services.


At Age UK East London both staff and volunteers are committed to delivering the highest standards of support as efficiently as possible. The East London charity provides a significant amount of community support services, and had been considering the cost-benefit of introducing some form of mobile care monitoring service for some time. So when, in early 2016, the organisation discovered that existing CRM suppliers Charitylog were offering a cost-effective mobile monitoring service, the management decided that the Charitylog mobile solution (Call-round) would be the ideal service for assessing in a pilot scheme.

Initially the charity's management did consider using Call-round to manage their community support workers, but then decided that it might be easier if the initial pilot scheme was limited to the organisations's befriending service. In addition to safeguarding and service delivery considerations, it was anticipated that the mobile care monitoring service would be an asset to the charity in proving to funders that the planned support was actually being delivered.

The Charitylog solution

Charitylog's Call-round monitoring service was introduced in the Spring of 2016. Within a couple of months over 60 befrienders were using the app and Call-round is now embedded into the charity's service. To keep costs down, staff have been asked to use their own phones and all the befrienders have proven to be perfectly happy with this arrangement.

Once a support plan has been made up in Charitylog, supervisors make up a weekly/monthly schedule for clients and befrienders in the Care Roster module. Relevant client details, and live updated personal work schedules can be viewed by the befriender anywhere at any time. Supervisors can now instantly check for availability by looking at embedded Google maps, allowing them to respond immediately to situations where a scheduled support worker or befriender goes sick. Befrienders use the notes section of the Call-round app to tell supervisors what they've done during the completed visit and also to notify team leaders of any changes for the next visit, so that the plan can be amended accordingly.

If befrienders log in after the scheduled time, the scheduled visit comes up as red on the supervisors screen. Similarly, if befrienders stay for more than an hour the scheduled visit comes up as red. In both instances, the supervisors attention is drawn to the anomaly and enquiries can be made.

The pilot scheme has proven an unqualified success and the Call-round service is now an important part of Age UK East London's befriending service. Service delivery is now being efficiently monitored and the visiting volunteers are being safeguarded. A recent CQC inspection report has awarded the charity an overall "Outstanding" rating and specifically mentions the benefits being realised from using the Call-round service.

Working with Charitylog - Comments


"I'm sure that the Call-round monitoring service enhances providers' credibility with commissioners. We showed the service to our monitoring officer at Tower Hamlets (Borough Council) and he was very impressed."

Odette Messiah (Advice, Advocacy & Befriending Team Leader)


"Having verified attendance data from a third party service like Call-round is far more compelling evidence of delivery than our previous arrangement. With the new Call-round app we can provide hard time-stamped evidence. We are now able to go to the funders and say this attendance has been done and here is the information to prove that the befriender did attend the person's home."

Vicky Gadd (Head of Evaluation & Training)


"The Call-round service has helped with the safety aspect of our befriending service. 90% of our befrienders are loneworking volunteers working out of normal daytime hours. We can see if someone has failed to turn up - or leave - as scheduled and make enquiries to find out what's happened."

Sharon Waddams (Volunteering and Involvement Manager)

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