Create your own data tables

Create your own data tables

Every organisation differs in regards to the information they need to store against their clients and their activities. There are hundreds of standard fields provided with each Charitylog database, and even some specialist fields like NHS number, DBS number and National Insurance number.

However, we acknowledge that our clients will always need to define their own fields to cater for their own very specific organisational needs.

The 'Extension Database' feature allows you to add your own custom fields to your Charitylog system. Create your own "databases" (or tables, like in an Access database) with unlimited fields, or augment the fields on your existing organisation records, referrals or Clubs & Clinics.

This feature gives you a wide range of familiar field types such as text input, datepicker, rich text, dropdown list and radio buttons, as well as more complex options like dependent fields that change according to the options selected.

Validation rules and other requirements can be applied to all fields and you can create Sections to separate parts of the form.

Adding calculations to your new fields

A useful feature is that you can link the fields in an Extension Database to a hidden spreadsheet. You can then feed data from the Extension Database to this spreadsheet which can then send results of calculations back to the Extension Database. This is very clearly seen in examples such as WEMWBS assessment scoring where the system can record the response and then produce the scores.

Extension database fields can be merged into the sequence of fields on the organisation records or included on their own custom-made tabs.

Extension Databases are fully reportable and have proved to be an essential addition to the Charitylog setup.

Other Features

People & Services

The core of a charity is built around the people it works with and the services it provides. Keep it all in one place in Charitylog.