Service  provision

Service provision and support

Charitylog is designed for the third sector and aims to record all the people and organisations you work with, keeping everything in one place.

This means it's not just a client contact management system - it can record all types of people and organisations and usually includes staff, volunteers, referrers, professionals and even trustees. You can make up your own as required, so if you work with counsellors or advocates, you can add them.

You can also control which data fields you want to record on each type, for example, staff may have DBS check information held which would not normally be the case for clients. Similarly, you can rename the types, so 'clients' can be called 'service users'.

It is worth noting that you only need one record per person/organisation even if they perform more than one role. For example, if you have a client who is also a carer and a volunteer, there is only one record which makes maintenance much easier.

It is also very easy to create relationships of any type between people and organisations. So, for example, you can create family structures with associated social workers etc. This means that when you look at a family record, it is easy to see the members and important people, and go straight to their records.

Other Features