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Anonymous people

Recording contacts with anonymous people

Many charities receive calls from clients as part of services such as information provision. Quite often it turns out that these contacts are not recorded yet they are an important part of the impact that the organisaton provides.

It also means that they cannot evidence this activity if it hasn't been recorded. As one of our clients commented 'If it ain't in Charitylog, it didn't happen'.

Some of these calls may develop into longer term relationships with the client and it would be important not to lose the early contacts.

In Charitylog you can record anonymous contacts or referrals as they come in. You may choose to pick up certain details about the caller as the call goes on, such as age or postcode. You can record these against the caller's anonymous record which is important for reporting purposes.

If the client provides their name or address or phone number, these can be added. It is also possible to search the database to see if the name already exists, in which case the call can be added as a new referral in the existing client record.

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