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Keep track of your interactions with people

One of the important functions of Charitylog is to provide a case management system within the overall database. This means that you can record each interaction (or contact) you have with a client and also what needs to happen next.

This ensures that all the information is available to those that need to see it and also any pending actions are not forgotten about or overlooked if, for example, a staff member is sick.

You can allocate a case manager and also various workers can be involved, keeping track of all the activity surrounding a client.

A client can have multiple cases going on at the same time. Similarly, the case management style of activity is not restricted to clients - you can also apply it to the other types of people and organisations in your database. This could be volunteer recruitment, managing a grant application and so on.

It is easy to see the cases and actions associated with a specific worker, so work loads can be seen and managed.

Other Features

People & Services

The core of a charity is built around the people it works with and the services it provides. Keep it all in one place in Charitylog.