Projects and workflows

Project and service processes

Projects are used to reflect the services you provide and are also strongly linked to the reporting options, giving a high degree of control over what information you can provide to commissioners and funders.

In Charitylog Plus, you can make up as many projects as required (Charitylog Starter and One have only one project by default).

When linked with the Template and Stages options, you can use the system to define and monitor the established processes or workflows you may carry out to provide a particular service. Workflows make the use of the system easier by removing some of the typing necessary as well as providing structure.

So, for example, you may have a counselling project where the workflow includes stages for the initial referral, an assessment, entry on the waiting list, assignment to a counsellor, counselling sessions and a final outcome assessment.

These can all be replicated in Charitylog and linked to this there are reports which provide information about numbers of people at certain stages, or not yet at certain stages, and also, importantly, how long it takes to get from stage to stage.

In this way it is possible to audit and report on the time spent on each project and how many client events are related to that project. 'Key Performance Indicator' reporting is designed to report on many aspects of one or more projects.

Traditionally this information can be difficult to collate, but Charitylog collects it as a by-product of its everyday use.

To see what staff or volunteer time has been allocated against a project, simply click on the accumulated time entry in the Project List.

As client Outcomes are recorded, it is possible to provide information on monetary values achieved, for example how many successful ESA or PIP claims have been made and what the value of these claims was.

Importantly, you can use projects on all types of People or Organisations you record in Charitylog. Therefore you could have a volunteer recruitment project, associated with volunteers, which records and manages the processes a volunteer might go through from first contact, references and DBS checks to recruitment and training.

Similarly staff reviews could be managed, or even compliments and complaints. There is the usual user and group level security which controls visibility.

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