Service Directory

Directory of local services

If your charity refers clients to services provided by other local organisations, you may need a 'directory of services' so that you can find the relevant organisation to signpost or refer the client to.

Signposting and external referrals can be recorded in Charitylog and this is useful for record keeping and reporting.

You can create the directory using our Information Links feature which allows you to create a two-tiered breakdown of services and then allocate organisations to those services.

This means for example, that you may search for all organisations providing bereavement counselling to adults. The system would show you these organisations, along with other information such as how often your organisation has referred to them over time, and then record the referral.

You can create a mail merged document for the client which lists one of more of the organisations which provide the selected service. 

The KPI reporting includes data on how many times you have signposted to each organisation.

There is a difference between a signposting and an external referral, at least in Charitylog. The assumption is that with the latter, the organisation is actually doing the referral to the other organisation rather than simply giving the client details of the organisation. Where this is happening on a regular basis and the receiving organisations also use Charitylog, you may find that our Charitylog referral portal can be useful, allowing a secure electronic transfer of the referral.

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