Sending referrals to other Charitylog charities

Securely send referrals to other charities that use Charitylog

If you work collaboratively with other organisations and often send them referrals, you can use our Charitylog Portal to do this electronically.

Ths is a secure way to transfer the sensitive information and also saves time in sending emails, filling in other forms and so on.

Charitylog will take the referral and send it to the other organisation. The other organisation will see it as an incoming referral and will be able to accept or reject it. If they accept it, they can check the client against their own database to reduce the possibility of duplicating the client if they do already exist, and the details of the referral will be then imported. The new client will also be created if they don't appear in the database yet.

You can choose which fields you want to send over and there is an option which will allow you to receive updates from the receiving database.

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