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Handyperson management with time and material usage

If you provide a Handyperson service, the Handyperson feature provides a comprehensive method of recording referrals, allocating people to the jobs and recording what was done.

The system allows the allocation of as many job cards as necessary to a referral, and each job card can deal with multiple jobs being done.

The time spent on the various parts of the job and any materials used may also be entered.

When combined with the travelling time and the payment or donations received from the clients, it is possible to produce a financial "profit and loss" for each job undertaken.

If you also have the Invoicing feature, it is possible to produce invoices for the client or for funders of the scheme (or both). Invoices may be printed for the relevant parties. Nominal codes, VAT rates and Cost Centres may be used to create the necessary information to export into an accounting system. (see Invoicing)

There is a section to record the Outcome of the referral, whether the client was satisfied and any notes which should be recorded.

While the referral is going through its stages, the system will automatically generate reminder actions, which will show in the Action List, to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

The reports are also comprehensive - the results, whether physical or financial, can be summarised by a wide range of criteria, such as time, who the referral originated from, geographical district and so on. A wide range of KPI's are also available.

It is also possible to export the reports directly to an Excel spreadsheet for incorporation into a report for funders.

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