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Web referral forms

Receive enquiries and referrals from your website

Most charities will have a 'Contact Us' page on their website. If you receive referrals (usually self referrals) in this way, you can embed a Charitylog form into your website page which will bring the referral into your Charitylog database electronically.

The referral form can have the fields you need put into it and it looks like your own page. However, being a page derived from Charitylog, it has all our security attached to it.

When the form is filled in and submitted, it comes to your Charitylog database and shows as a new referral. You can then look at the referral and also compare the details of the person with your existing client list to see if they already exist. If they don't, Charitylog will create the client and add the referral to the client. If they do exist, the system will just add the referral.

These forms can be quite complex, for example giving details of a carer and the cared fors, or a family and the family members, as well as straight forward client details.

Some organisations also use the web forms for other purposes, notably to allow potential volunteers to enter their details as part of a volunteer recruitment process.

There is a modest cost associated with these forms as we will help design and then host them for you. You then simply give your own web designer a simple URL link to put into your website and the form will be ready to use.

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