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Multiple branches

Branch or office separation

Many charities operate in a self contained way where it is preferred that all the clients are visible to all (or some) of the staff and volunteers.

However there can be times when a degree of segregation can be useful.

The main reasons for implementing a Branch structure are typically:-

  • When there are geographically separated offices and it is desirable that staff in one office cannot see the clients, projects, groups etc belonging to a different office. This means that, for example, if a user logs in at the Bristol office, they will not be able to see clients who belong to the Manchester office. There can be as many branches as you need and any one user can be given access to just one office, several offices or all offices.

    You can report on just the offices you are allowed to see. If you have access to more than one, you can report on them all added up, subsets of them (e.g. all offices in London), or single offices.

  • Sometimes a group of charities work collaboratively on a single project with a single funding source. Usually there is a lead charity and they could include this project in their Charitylog database. However, it is often beneficial to create a Branch for each of the other participating organisations so that they can record what they are doing in the same database.

    A user from one of the participating organisations can only see the clients they are working with and nothing else that is going on in the overall database. A client can be visible in one or more branches, so they still only have one record - the system controls what each user is allowed to see of that record. So they could be receiving services from more than one collaborating organisation and the visibilty of these would depend on what each user is allowed to see.

    As above, it is possible to report on one or several branches at the same time, assuming the user is allowed to see those branches.

  • Where the charity is affiliated to a national organisation that is looking for regular data returns from their partners - see Reporting to National Umbrella Organisations

As well as providing a very useful function, the branches can be used to give a number of different charities access to Charitylog at a lower cost.

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