Invoice production

Create invoices for activities, work done and time spent

Some charities have to produce invoices for the work they have been doing. This might be for a counselling session, an attendance at a group, a home visit for care or Handyperson time and materials.

Charitylog has the option of a comprehensive invoicing system which will generate invoices and deal with the typical third sector issues of whether the client receives the invoice, or whether the local authority or a next of kin receives it.

It can generate fixed or variable rate invoices and additional costs can be added such as travelling time, mileage, admin charges and Handyperson materials. There is a comprehensive rating system behind the invoicing which caters for a wide range of charging scenarios.

Having created the invoices they can be exported, typically to Sage but we can also export to other accounting systems with the relevant nominal and customer codes included.

Other Features