National reporting

National reporting for umbrella organisations

Although most charities we work with are locally based and funded, they may be affiliated to a larger national organisation, such as Home-Start UK, Age UK or the Carers Trust.

Some of these national umbrella organisations ask their members to provide data to them as part of a regular return to give the national organisation a view of what is going on in their network.

We can help with this. We have a process whereby this reporting can be done to a central Charitylog system run by the national organisation. This Charitylog database would usually be set up with ' Branches ' to represent each of the network partners. We then send the data from the local partner into their relevant branch in the central database.

You don't need to have a local Charitylog implementation for this to work - we can provide a suitable web page for non Charitylog users to fill in which will then upload to the central system.

Obviously the Branch structure in the central database means that the national organisation has data from each partner and can report on one or more of these branches.

The important points to note are that the local organisations don't have to be Charitylog users and that the national organisation is not accessing the local database to get data - it is being sent to them under the control of the local organisaton.

Please talk to us if you feel this could be useful.

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