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API data transfer

Use the API to transfer data or for business intelligence reporting

The Charitylog API (Application Programming Interface) is an option for users with a higher degree of IT skills than we would normally expect.

Put simply, it is a piece of software that can be asked to get data fields from Charitylog and/or put data directly into the Charitylog database.

There are 2 versions of the API - the read only version and the read/write version. Most users of the API use the read only version, generally for extracting data out from Charitylog for use in a business intelligence tool such as PowerBI.

There are clients who use the read/write version and this is generally used where some form of integration between a system they use and Charitylog is desired. Typically this would be to create clients, referrals and subsequent contacts in Charitylog.

If you are interested in using the API, give us a call and we can discuss the benefits with you. 

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