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Groups, Clinics, Activities and Clubs

The Clubs and Clinics feature is designed to manage the varied one-off or regular groups and events which occur during the year.

These could range from regular coffee mornings or appointment based foot care, through to one-off events or AGM's

You can make people into members of the group or put them on the waiting list for inclusion when there is a space. Attendances can be recorded, along with more specialised activities that might happen within the group.

The purpose of this set of options is to:

  • allow the set up of various clubs, groups, activities and clinics

  • specify how they operate in terms of their occurrences and when clients attend

  • record any membership requirements

  • allocate clients to appointments or activities

  • carry forward client appointments to new session where appropriate

  • record which clients attended or missed appointments, and a reason

  • print club/clinic schedules, transport lists and appointment cards

  • optionally create invoices for attendance or non-attendance

  • produce reports of referrals, membership, attendance, money collected etc.

  • provide spreadsheet versions of these reports

It is possible to send text reminders to attendees and receive the responses. This needs the TextAnywhere add-on.

The reports provide details of numbers of clients assigned to the various clubs as well as a history of individual attendances. Reports and KPI's are also available giving numbers of referrals by referrer, attendees by age, ethnic group etc.

You can create a varied set of rates to cover different charging mechanisms, enabling invoices to be produced for clients or their budget holders.

Other Features

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