Support Worker Rostering

Roster is a powerful module within the Charitylog suite that improves service delivery to clients by ensuring that users roster the right person, for the right job, at the right time. The system also saves organisations time and money by simplifying and automating the community support worker scheduling process. This enables valuable staff resources to be freed up and switched from back office processing to more productive areas.

Aided by Roster, supervisors can create visit schedules, assign support visits, and then automatically create calendar-based work schedules for each community worker within their team. A powerful search and match facility enables selection of the best support worker for each client. Daily, weekly, and monthly values can be applied to schedules as required. Graphical calendars with drag and drop capability allow visits to be easily re-scheduled.

Roster also offers visibility of nearest-matching workers (via Google maps) and automated mileage/travel time calculation. Similarly, when using the Google mapping add-on, you can see travel time between jobs displayed on the calendar view of the day’s work, giving a clear indication of where issues might arise with travel time between jobs.

Support Worker Calendar

The service integrates seamlessly with the Charitylog CRM, enabling all the usual contact recording and outcomes provided by Charitylog to be merged in alongside comprehensive client care plans, the assignment of visits and the production of rosters for individual support workers.

Roster also integrates seamlessly with the Charitylog Call-round mobile app, allowing support workers to view, update, and confirm schedules on their mobile whilst at home or out in the community. Also, when used with Call-round, there is a live update of the calendar and other job information such as client expenses and notes.

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  • Automatically create visit schedules

    Assign support visits and then automatically create calendar-based work schedules for each support worker within your team.

  • View community worker location using mapping

    After required parameters have been selected, the location of the nearest matching workers can be displayed via Google maps.

  • Accurately calculate mileage and travel time

    Uses Google maps to calculate the time and distance between scheduled visits so that mileage doesn't have to be entered or checked. Also checks for adequate travelling time between visits.

  • Create invoices and export pay data to payroll

    Flexible charging system for creation of accurate invoices based on attended hours. Also creates payment file for export to payroll.

  • Report on all aspects of service delivery

    Data from care plans and work schedules can be accessed by the Charitylog reports feature and used to generate vital metrics.