What is the Charitylog CRM?

CRM Users

Charitylog is designed for the third sector and aims to record all the people and organisations you work with, keeping everything in one place.

This means it's not just a client contact management system - it can record all types of people and organisations and usually includes staff, volunteers, referrers, professionals and even trustees. You can make up your own as required, so if you work with counsellors or advocates, you can add them.

It is also comprehensive and flexible which allows it to adapt to the many and varied activities undertaken by charities, Not for Profits and Community Interest Companies. These include contact recording, case management, assessment, group activities, impact and reporting.

Our contact recording system allows you to build up histories and case notes and keeps track of things that haven't been done yet, or things that need to be done by someone else. No more emails, phone calls and post-it notes to pass information around.

We have also developed additional optional modules which deal with:

  • Rostering - ideal for regular working in the community, managing rotas for carers or support staff
  • Mobile attendance monitoring - a mobile phone app which works with Rostering to record arrival and departure times, create alerts and provide live monitoring of activity
  • Invoicing - create invoices for time spent, attendances at groups and rostering visits
  • Multiple Branches - ideal where you have multiple geographical locations or a number of organisations collaborating to run a project
  • Handypersons - keeps track of time and materials as well as job cards
  • Web Referral Portals – receive referrals from your website, or send them to other Charitylog organisations.

We have a highly experienced team of Implementation Consultants who will help you and there is also a dedicated telephone Helpdesk which provides support. We employ our own developers and QA department - everything is done in-house apart from our top quality, UK-based, highly secure hosting.

There's a version of Charitylog to suit all sizes and budgets...

There are three versions of Charitylog; the standard system, the slightly more restricted version which allows a single project (Charitylog One), and Charitylog Local, which is aimed at small charities that do not need the full scope of the standard system. For a more detailed look at the various features that make up Charitylog, choose an option below:

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