Charitylog One: The Intermediate CRM

Charitylog One is positioned midway between Charitylog Local and the full system.

It provides most of the features of Charitylog which makes it more suitable for the small charity which has a need for more functionality than that provided by Local, such as recording groups, outcomes and assessments, but without some of the scope and control of the full system.

As the name suggests, as standard, it is limited to one project although, unlike Local, more can be added.

As with the full CRM, Charitylog One is a cloud-based database accessible through any device with an Internet connection and a browser so it is ideal for remote working. It also has all the security features of the Charitylog system - we have ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations as well as the ISO 9001 Quality accreditation. It is securely hosted in data centres in the UK.

Charitylog One includes a wide range of necessary features for administering charities and allows you to:

  • Keep records of your clients and service users
  • Record your interactions with them using our case management system
  • Make appointments for your staff and volunteers in a calendar
  • Keep volunteer and other associated people's records
  • Produce mail merge letters and emails
  • Upload documents, pdf files, spreadsheets and images
  • Meet GDPR* regulations concerning the handling of personal data
  • Report on Key Performance Indicators for commissioners
  • Export data to Excel
  • Create and record Outcomes and Assessments
  • Add your own databases to record extra data
  • Run Groups and Activities; record attendees
  • Create workflows to simplify recording



Charitylog One is available at a fixed price of £1995 plus VAT and includes:

  • Licensing for up to 10 concurrent users
  • One and a half days of training
  • Half a review day, to check progress and reporting
  • Access to the Charitylog helpdesk for support by telephone or email
  • Regular software updates
  • Access to the Wiki manual and videos


After Year 1 we charge £400 plus VAT per year for the ongoing licensing, support and hosting.

This price includes one project. You can add additional projects for an initial cost of £250 plus VAT per project and then an increase of £125 plus VAT in the ongoing annual fee in subsequent years.

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Key components Standard quantity
Number of projects 1
Number of clients Unlimited
Number of volunteers Unlimited
Number of referrals/cases Unlimited
Uploaded document space 500GB
Training One and a half days included
System Review Half a day included
Telephone support Free
Number of licensed users Unlimited (up to 10 concurrent users)
Total price in year 1 £1995
Ongoing fee after year 1 £400

All prices exclude VAT

* GDPR: UK GDPR (Jan 2021) incorporating DPA 2018