Charity CRM Features

The Charitylog CRM is fully scalable, so you can add modules to your system as your organisation grows. Read more...

See our charity CRM feature list below and contact us to find the package that best suits your organisation:

Modules IncludedCharitylog LocalCharitylog OneCharitylog (Standard)
People & Organisations
People & Organisations Clients Y Y Y
Volunteers Y Y Y
Members N Y Y
Carers N Y Y
Cared Fors N Y Y
Staff Y Y Y
Referrers Y Y Y
Funders Y Y Y
Donors N Y Y
Trustees Y Y Y
Next of Kin Y Y Y
Organisations Y Y Y
Professionals N Y Y
Suppliers N Y Y
GP Surgeries Y Y Y
Make up your own types N Y Y
Projects & Referrals
Projects & Referrals Numbers of Projects 1 1+ Unlimited
Recording Referrals by Project Y Y Y
Referrals for Anonymous People N Y Y
Outstanding Actions and Due Dates Y Y Y
Project Templates N Y Y
Project Subcategories Y Y Y
Contact Recording Y Y Y
Calendar Appointments Y Y Y
Letters & Documents
Letters & Documents Standard Letters and Mail Merge Y Y Y
Uploaded Document Storage and retrieval 250GB 500GB 1TB
Reporting Data Extraction Y Y Y
Key performance Indicators Y Y Y
Progress Intervals N Y Y
Analytics Reporting N Y Y
Multiple Database Analytics Reporting N Optional Optional
Extra Modules
Extra Modules Make up your own tables & fields (Extension Databases) N Y Y
Add fields to a pre-existing Extension Database Y N/A N/A
Clubs, Clinics and Groups N Y Y
Ladder Outcomes N Y Y
Star Outcome Integration N Optional Optional
Classification Codes N Y Y
Handypersons N N Optional
Rostering N N Optional
Mobile Call-round app N N Optional
Invoicing N N Optional
Multiple Branches N N Optional
GDPR* Limited Data Field Views Y Y Y
Multiple Consent Types Y Y Y
Ability to Forget Y Y Y
Export of Data Y Y Y
Consent Renewal Reporting Y Y Y
Users Max Concurrent Users 5 10 50
Max Authorised Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Security Max Number of User Groups 3 4 Unlimited
Group Level Access Control Pre-determined Pre-determined Self Determined
Two factor authentication Optional Optional Optional
External Links
External Links API (Application Programming Interface) N N Optional
Electronic Incoming Referrals Optional Optional Optional
Electronic External Referrals Optional Optional Optional
Embedded Website forms Optional Optional Optional
Support & Help
Support & Help How to videos Y Y Y
Wiki style manual Y Y Y
Email Support Y Y Y
Telephone Support 60 days free Y Y
Implementation & Training At extra cost One and a half days of Getting Started sessions included Minimum 3 days included
System Review At extra cost Half a day included Minimum 1 day included
Data Import Module N N Optional
Pricing (excluding VAT) £33/month £1995 in year 1;
£400 per year thereafter
with income
Additional Project Pricing (excluding VAT) N/A £250 in year 1;
£125 per year thereafter
* GDPR: UK GDPR (Jan 2021) incorporating DPA 2018