Contact Management for Charities

Our specialist charity CRM is a powerful cloud-based client relationship management system that lies at the heart of the Charitylog suite of services. The service is ideally suited to the needs of charities and other not-for-profit organisations who need to keep a secure, digital, dynamic record of their contacts with clients. Our CRM system for charities promotes GDPR compliance for holding personal data and is an invaluable case management system for hundreds of third sector organisations throughout the UK.

To suit the varying needs of organisations within the third sector, there are four versions of the Charitylog CRM available:

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Charitylog (Standard)

Our full charity CRM is customisable and priced according to your needs. Offering flexible charity management software, you can add features to your system as your organisation grows. This includes contact recording, our call-round mobile app, clubs, clinic and group management, branch reporting and more.

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Charitylog Local

Designed specifically with local and smaller organisations in mind, you can use this charity CRM to manage data and gaining GDPR compliance. Priced according to your needs, this charity management software features the key components of our cloud-based system. Store and organise your case notes, client details and more with ease.

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Charitylog Members

Store your clients and/or member details securely and assign contacts to them with the entry-level version of our charity CRM. This software is also fully scalable and can be amended to suit your needs. Record all client visits digitally and have all data to hand so you can work efficiently.

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Charitylog Collaboration

Join forces with other Charitylog members and securely share information with ease using the Collaboration charity software package. Pass referrals over to your partner organisations quickly and with GDPR compliance covered.

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Need more help deciding which charity CRM system is right for your not-for-profit organisation? Contact our expert team today and we'll happily talk through your options. We can design a charity CRM that suits your needs and budget.